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Our Story

Millions of women in Africa turn to the sex industry because they can’t find any other work. Starting with Ghana, Theodora offers them a way out, by giving them training, mentorship and all the equipment they need, so they can support small US businesses with their administrative tasks.

Who’s Theodora? Theodora was one of the most important empresses of the Byzantine Empire, but her life didn’t start that way. Like the women of Theodora Africa, she had few choices in life and had to make ends meet as an entertainer before she met and married the Emperor Justinian I. She used her keen intelligence and grit to co-rule during one of the most innovative and prosperous periods of the Empire.

The Theodora project started on the idea of ‘give to get.’ We give disadvantaged African women a better life by assisting small businesses in the US, so that everyone does better business. All working together to a better world.