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Theodora Virtual Assistants

Theodora Virtual Assistants serve professionals acting as solo practitioners, very small businesses and solopreneurs. Our clients often feel like they’re not in control of their workload and don’t have time to market and sell their services. We help them develop systems to organize and offload some of this work so we can get important tasks done for them.

Productivity Management

Our VAs keep you and your to-do’s organized and on schedule. We help you prioritize and stay on track, and we keep you accountable. Includes detailed process flow, calendar and email management, task management and regular updates and reminders.

Marketing Support

Few professionals enjoy marketing and sales. We help you promote your business by executing your marketing campaigns. This includes creating and populating templates for email marketing, mailing list management, social media posting and tracking.


Offload time-consuming research projects so you can focus on action items and client service. Reliable information is vital to all aspects of a business. Our VAs support you with research tasks and reporting to support your decision-making process.

Is your U.S.-based small business swamped with administrative tasks? Contact us today to find out how Theodora Virtual Assistants can help.